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Hamburg Pain offers a multidisciplinary approach towards chronic spine pain with an emphasis on avoiding the long term use of potentially addictive medications.  We adopt a multidisciplinary approach and treat each patient as a unique individual. No one treatment works for every chronic pain sufferer, for this reason every new patient is evaluated by a board certified pain physician. Just as every pain sufferer's experience will be vary, every treatment plan will differ.

Our goals are to improve you quality of life and ability to partake in activities of daily living. We are focused on early return to work whenever possible.

Patients deserve to be treated in a dignified fashion. We offer prompt appointments in a warm and friendly atmosphere. As the practice is office based there are no hospital or surgery center fees. Waiting times are short and there is plenty of convenient parking.

If you wish to be evaluated by us then please call us on 859 264 7246.



Hamburg Pain, 2408 Sir Barton Way, Suite 125,
Lexington KY 40509
859 264 7246

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